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While I was dropping the ball here it looks like snow was dropping in Binghamton.  I just updated the stats and they have pushed Albany down the snow hill and are now on top.  Buffalo and Rochester made a move yesterday slipping past Syracuse who is now at the bottom of the hill.  WTG Binghamton!!!

Just about this time last season take a day or two was when it was non stop snow for some of the Golden Snowball cities.  Syracuse was starting to run away with the contest picking up 4 feet in a matter of days while Rochester, Binghamton and Buffalo were also picking up some decent snowfall.  Close to a couple of feet of snow.

Compared to last season, this season has been like a vacation in Florida for the big 3 cities.  Normally I would say like a vacation in Albany but they are ahead of the big 3 still and held the lead this season for quite awhile.  Now lets see how long Binghamton can stay on the top.  It should be interesting to see if Binghamton, Buffalo, Albany and The Rock have enough snowballs to throw to keep Syracuse at the bottom of the snow hill.

That all said there is only one thing left to do and it will be done sometime today or tonight.  It’s time for the Syracuse snow dance :)  I’m just not feeling that Christmas spirit yet and I think it’s to do with the lack of snow :(  Let’s see if a snow dance can maybe bring some of that white gold that’s falling up north down this way a bit.  If anyone talks to NYCO, remind her to put the Snow God out if she hasn’t yet.  It looks like Syracuse is going to have to pull out all the strings to get something going here.

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Have a GREAT weekend All 😉



Buffalo has officially started their snow season now picking up 0.4 inches of snow.  Just enough to slip past Rochester and send them to the bottom of the snow hill.  Right around this time last season we started to get pounded with non stop snow :)  Can it happen again?

Check out the snow stats above and you will see the big jump in the snowfall totals for this time last year.  Right now all of the Goldensnowball cities other than Albany are way behind last seasons snow totals.  Cold air has finally moved into the area and with that hopefully the ground will have a nice, fresh blanket of white glimmering in the next couple of days.

The big 3 from New York are way at the bottom of the national snow contest for the 2011 – 2012 snow season.  That started up a few weeks ago and we all will have some catching up to do in that snow contest.  You can check out the Golden Snow Globe contest here.

I’m sure the sledders and ski slopes are hoping the cold sticks around for awhile.  No doubt with the warm November we all had the lakes have to be pretty warm compared to normal.  I can now say that I am ready for a couple of nice lake effect snow events and I’m sure the snow lovers are also.  Bring it On!

See Snow – Drive Slow!  Have a super day all!

It’s that time again! Well, actually, that time was a few days ago, but after a bit of a delay, I’m finally ready for the snow season. With that comes the forecasts. First a bit of a reminder of what exactly is going on for those new to this, along with a few changes.

At times throughout the season, I will prepare different types of forecasts. There will be 10 short term forecasts (about 2-3 days) called Point Blank Range and 5 long term (about a month) called Shot In The Dark. The idea behind each forecast is to be a bit different than you’d see in most forecasts on TV. What does that mean? No waffle words like “chance of” or “likely” when I make a forecast, it will be definitive. Also, at the beginning of each following forecast, I will look back and see how the forecast fared. Each forecast will fall into one of three categories: Bull’s Eye, On Target or Complete Miss.

Now on to the changes for this season. First off, I will not be doing a season outlook. Instead, I will be doing a long term forecast for 5 months, December through April. Secondly, the two sites, Golden Snowball and Golden Snow Globe, will be kept separate. In previous years, I’d try to find something that would work for both New York State and elsewhere at the same time. More often than not, I’d only be able to have a snow forecast for one area. So this gives me more flexibility. If I need to make a GSB forecast on a Tuesday and a GSG forecast on a Friday, or if it’s weeks in between, then that would work this year. And finally, I’m doubling the points for the Shot In The Dark forecasts. So now it’s 4 points for a Bull’s Eye, 2 for On Target and 0 for a Complete Miss. The goal for the end of the season will remain the same: 1.00 average or better (it worked out that even with this change my forecasts last season didn’t mean the 1.00 mark, so that is the goal again this season).

Now that’s out of the way, it’s time for the first Shot In The Dark Forecast of the season!

The “big 3″ of Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse are currently behind Albany and Binghamton in the early stages of the snow race. Of course that will not last once the lake effect machine comes into play. It wouldn’t surprise me if the standings flipped at the end of the month, so that’s what I’m going with for this month.

Bull’s Eye: The standings at the end of the month will be Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, Binghamton, Albany.
On Target: Three of the cities end up in their forecasted position.
Complete Miss: 2 or fewer cities end up in their forecasted position.

Have a great week everyone!