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I’m way behind in posting and one of the things I wanted to post about was what Jim Teske from channel 9 weather here in Syracuse sent me. Some pretty good snow stats as to what the chances are of a city winning the golden snowball award going into January with the lead. In other words what are the chances of a big come back right now for Rochester, Buffalo or Binghamton. He didn’t factor in Albany and as we all know here, who cares. No offence to Albany of course 😉

Jim went back 20 years and gathered all of the stats for the GSB cities and came up with some great results below. Jim also has a post for discussion going on at the TV 9 Weather section.

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To sum it up the odds are against a city coming back with a city having a big lead at the end of December. That said this season has been somewhat odd considering 2 of the cities, Syracuse and Rochester have already broken a monthly snowfall record in December so who knows. Here is a little of what Jim wrote to me/us.

Jim Teske – I got to thinking whether the city in the lead at the first of the year ends up winning the award most of the time. I looked back at the last 20 years and I found that 12 out of the 20 times that was the case.

I have the lead (or deficit) the ultimate winner had at that point in the season. For the 8 times that someone made a ‘comeback’ the ground they had to make up was not that large except for 2006-07 when Syracuse was behind by 20″ Right now Syracuse is up by about 26″ Also 2001-02 sticks out when Buffalo had their week long lake effect event around Christmas. They were up by 75″!

Click here to read more at the TV 9, Syracuse blog!
Thanks Jim, I really appreciate you sharing your info and great stats with us :))

We have another lead change (LC) after yesterdays totals were updated. Syracuse set a date record picking up 12.2 inches of the white fluffy stuff passing the old snow record of 8.8 inches that was set in 2000. Binghamton also set a date record piling up 9.1 inches of snow breaking their old record of 8.5 set in 2003 and moved into second place. Buffalo is reporting 5.8 inches, Rochester 5.2 and Albany isn’t reporting at all :)

These are the stats as of yesterday and there is still a lot of inches to add to the city totals including the overnight snowfall. With the exception of Albany all of the Golden Snowball cities are above their normal snowfall averages and are blowing away last seasons totals. Pretty good numbers for the slow start that we all got off to. I’ll get a late afternoon/evening update in when the new totals come out. I also did a late night update on the national snow contest last night and I am about to update the top 10. That contest is also getting pretty interesting and I’m liking the way the NY cities are looking right now :)

Have a great day all and take it slow on the slippery roads.