5 comments on “So, THAT’S what snow looks like

  1. Seriously, this lack of snow is embarrassing! I have no idea how Rochester has recorded 2 inches of snow, because I have seen maybe a trace to a dusting at most. How sad when places down south have 5 inches of snow and we have none, Sigh..Our snowy claim to fame floating away like the lone snowflakes that have been falling here!

    • I agree with everything you said Cathy. What scares me right now is that we have a real chance at having a GREEN Christmas. I’m an optimist though and still think we can pull off a white one.

      • A green Christmas, you say? Hmm…I’m not sure if my (yet to be released) forecast agrees…

    • Ken, I’ll check into it. I know that more and more visitors to the site are getting here using iPhones and other gadgets. I’m sure there are probably some WP pluggins out there that may do it. Probably will have to wait until after Christmas though. Thanks for the suggestion :)

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