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I just want to say Thanks Joe. A for your donation to the site and for taking the time. I appreciate it and it helps out a lot :)

OK, I normally try to keep the snow site fun after all that’s what it’s all about. Having fun and maybe helping the winter season pass by a little faster. That said what’s going on in the surrounding Buffalo area is I think one of the most serious situations I have seen. With that I am just going to post a couple of comments that were were posted and you won’t hear me say this too often but I do hope the snow stops soon. Here is what Angelo posted in a comment to the site and my reply.

Angelo – “Just wanted to update you guys, official snow fall in my town of Lancaster over last 2 days is 73 inches, south buffalo has about 65 on the ground. Airport is on the border of the heavy snow line but should receive another foot tonight and tomorrow. Lancaster is looking at another 20 plus inches in the same time frame. Maybe we can reach that magic number of 100 inches! In all seriousness this storm has claimed 7 lives so far and has collapsed a number of roofs and with the additional snow and 50 degree temps we will be seeing Sunday through Tuesday I’m sure we will be seeing even more collapses and major flooding. Wish us luck!”

Me – “Hey Angelo, Wow is still the only word that comes to mind. It’s cool seeing the numbers, pictures and videos but then again I wish I wasn’t seeing them because I know how serious the situation is there and all around there. Definitely Good Luck to all of you effected and I hope there are no more deaths from this unbelievable snowfall. My thought s and Yes prayers are with all of you. I’m not looking forward to what we will most likely be reading once the temps start going up. Stay Safe,”

I wish Nothing but the best to our friends in the Buffalo area 😉

Another quick update – The Syracuse snow stats were just posted a little while ago.  They are showing 7.9 for today bringing their 2 day storm totals to 12.5 inches of new snowfall.  The chart is as up to date as the National Weather Service is now 😉

Updated 12/27 – The new snow stats were just posted with the exception of Syracuse which is showing MM meaning the stats aren’t being reported yet.  Surprisingly there were no changes in the lineup and the totals although pretty decent were a little lower than I expected them to be.  Here at my house east of the city of Syracuse I measured 13 inches of snow.  Buffalo took the honors with this snow storm picking up 12.3 inches of snow for the 2 days.  That is unless Syracuse can top it when an update for them comes out.  Here is the way it all played out the last 2 days and keep an eye on my fuzzy math 😉

Buffalo – 12.3 inches
Rochester – 11.1
Syracuse – 12.5
Albany – 7.8
Binghamton – 6.3


6:00 AM Update – I just updated the snow stats and they are from what has fallen as of yesterday so far.  No doubt this has been a decent storm because I can tell by how many cars come into the yard taking the turn :) 2 so far for this storm with the last one being about an hour ago.  One was able to get out on her own and the other one was buried pretty good so we were able to get him shoveled out about 4 am.  Time for a nap and it will be interesting when the next update comes out. So as of the end of yesterday the storm totals are and don’t let them fool ya just yet, many more inches to be added to some of the cities 😉  Good Night

Buffalo – 10.1
Rochester – 8.5 Record
Binghamton – 5.1
Syracuse – 4.6
Albany – 2.9


10:30 PM Update –  As of right now Syracuse and Binghamton are the only cities that have updates out thanks to the Binghamton NOAA station.  Buffalo and The Rock normally come out around 2:00 am give or take so you may not see them posted until tomorrow.  Right now Binghamton is showing 4.1 and Syracuse is reporting 3.8 as of 10 PM for this snow storm.  Any Guesstimates as to which city will have the highest totals for this storm?  I’m going with –

Rochester – 15.5
Syracuse – 13.0
Buffalo – 11.5
Binghamton – 11.0
Albany – 8.5


Winter storm warnings are / will be in effect for all of the Golden Snowball cities so if you need to travel you should do it early.  From reading around at the National weather service most of the heavy snow won’t be starting until later on for some of the cities.

Most of the forecasts are calling for at least a 8 – 14+ inches of snow between tonight and tomorrow afternoon.  They are also saying we can expect 2 – 3 inches an hour at times which is a lot of snow coming down and normally will stop traffic.  In other words as much as we are use to the snow you should stay off the roads for this storm.  Keep an eye on your favorite news channel for changing conditions and take it slow.  Below are links that will get updated by the National Weather Service as the snow storm gets closer.

Warnings for the Buffalo and Rochester Areas

Warnings for the Syracuse, Utica and Binghamton Areas

Warnings for the Albany and Surrounding Areas

Most of the Cities and Counties in New York

Have a Great Day Everyone and Stay Safe 😉