8 comments on “Winter Storm Warnings for All GSB Cities

  1. I take back what I said! That was as of 7:34 AM. So 10.5 @ 7:34 AM with at least a couple inches more throughout the day.

    • Hi Tyler, we do use the NWS for the official stats. They did just put out their 10 PM update a little while ago and are showing 7.9 inches for today. Yesterday they posted 4.6 for the day so the storm total should be 12.5 for Syracuse which is pretty close to what I measured at my house. One of the news stations mentioned a storm total of 8 inches at the airport earlier which I found hard to believe. For today alone was more like it :)

  2. I see on the NWS website that the airport has reported in 10.5 inches?
    I’m assuming that’s where you get your measurement for Syracuse.

  3. Wait I’m all confused. Are they saying all Syracuse has gotten is 4.6 inches? I brushed at least twice that amount off my car this morning.

    • Hi Crysania, that would have just up until midnight. That’s not counting the over night snowfall. I measured 13 inches here in the Fremont/Minoa area but I’m hearing some lower numbers of around 8 inches at the airport where Syracuse’s snow is measured. Chances are the city and surrounding areas got more snow than what fell at the airport.

      • Ah ok that makes sense! I was trying to follow what was going on and thought those totals were including everything to 6am. We definitely got more than 8 inches on the hill near SU! I had to have brushed nearly a foot off my car this morning.

  4. Thanks for the update Patrick. So far NOAA is reporting 8.5 inches which would be for yesterday. It’s also a record BTW. I know Syracuse got a late start but it’s been it has been almost non stop. Been pushing cars out of my yard the last couple of hours. It should be interesting when all of the totals are in :)

  5. Kevin Williams of Channel 10 in Roch is reporting 7 inches as of about 11 pm, also saying that he thinks Rochester will stay in the ‘sweet spot’ for the next several hours.

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