4 comments on “This is Albany’s 10th snowiest season since 1951-52

  1. If that one day is Saturday or Sunday, I'm fine with that Pat. Gives me an excuse to just sit on the couch and watch some college hoops all day. 😉

  2. Tom, I think it's getting old for most of us. It's been a daily thing it seems this season rather than us getting hit hard, then a few days between. I'd still like to hit the 200 mark just for the fact that it's not too often we get this close. After that, Bring on Spring :) OH, and let's do it in one day to get it over with 😉

  3. This kind of weather makes me want to become a bird and fly south for the winter…I can handle 20 inches of snow in a winter season but this is a bit much… and it seems like it just never stops….

  4. Just one of the famous March Nor'Easters and it would probably happen along with Syracuse hitting that 200 inch mark.

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