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I just updated the new snow stats from the National weather service and Rochester has taken back the top of the snow mountain from Syracuse with this last snow storm. Well snow storm for some of you but more of a rain storm here in Da’Cuse :( Congrats to Rochester and let’s hope the snow contest goes like this right to the end of the 2013 – 2014 snow season. Buffalo has even gotten in on this snowfall which is good considering the wimpy winters they have had the last couple of seasons :) Here are the totals so far which include yesterday and the snow being reported so far today. Let’s see how long The Rock can hold onto the now lead…

Rochester – 6.3
Buffalo – 4.5
Binghamton – 3.2
Albany – 1.7 MM
Syracuse – 0.7

Although Frank and I both had Rochester winning this round it’s looking like M. Creek is going to win this guesstimate game easily unless some snow starts falling fast and hard. WTG 😉

I wanted to get an update in tonight on the National Snow contest over at but with the SU Basketball game coming on in a couple of hours I don’t think it’s going to happen unless it’s really late tonight.  I will see if I can at least get a top 10 done over there though.


10:00 AM Wednesday – So far a dud here in the Syracuse area but some of the other cities are getting some snow and from the sounds of things the storm isn’t over yet. Here is what the National Weather Service is reporting for yesterday and I believe this doesn’t include the overnight snow which will come out later. Syracuse ended up getting a lot of rain rather than snow. Look for another update as the snow stats come in.

Rochester – 3.6
Binghamton – 3.2
Buffalo – 2.5
Albany – 1.7
Syracuse – 0.7

12:16 am Wednesday 11/27/13 – Just a heads up that I’ll probably just keep updating this post as to what’s going on. So far tonight for the last couple of hours it’s been just rain with a mix of sleet every now and then in the Syracuse area. More to come in the morning 😉

It’s starting to look more and more like the storm they have been talking about is going to actually pan out.  They were thinking several days ago that it may have stayed more toward the coast but it is on more of an inland track now and the chances are that at least a few of the Golden Snowball cities will get a decent amount of snow from this storm.  I’m starting to think that Rochester is going to be the King Snowman for this storm and perhaps so far this season.

OK, does anyone have any estimates for this storm?  Let’s say from the start to finish and we’ll call the finish date Thursday at 11:59 PM just in case some lake effect snow gets drawn into the cities when this pulls out..  The normal prize will be a lot of Notta as in Notta Thing other than a virtual pat on the back for calling it right.  The person closests to the snow total for all of the cities snow added up wins.  My guesstimate is below and you can post yours in the comments section anytime before midnight tonight, Tuesday.

Rochester – 13.5
Syracuse – 9.0
Buffalo – 7.0
Binghamton – 3.5
Albany – 2
TOTAL = 35 inches :)

What’s Coming Our Way Courtesy of NOAA

Thanksgiving Storm 11/27 10:15 am

Picture Around 10:00 AM Today, Wednesday

Normally I love a good storm but I really do wish or hope that they don’t happen during the holiday travel times.  Unfortunately this storm most likely will effect quite a few people that will be traveling on Wednesday for the Thanksgiving holiday.  For those of you traveling take it slow and have a safe trip.  I know I’ll be worrying about a few of my family members who will be traveling.  Take it slow and be prepared 😉


I finally woke up this morning to see some of that white fluffy gold in the sky falling and even sticking to the ground a bit. I figured a couple tenths of an inch where I live which is just outside of the city of Syracuse and not too far from the airport where they measure the snowfall for Da’Cuse. It also looked like it was snowing down toward Binghamton’s way so there is a good chance that we may have Liftoff for the new 2013 – 2014 snow season. The question now is which city/cities started it up this season?

How about Rochester or Buffalo? Any snow to report there today? From what I have been reading it’s suppose to be a cold winter this year which could mean some decent Lake Effect Snow for some of us. I’ll post an update later this afternoon or evening when NOAA posts the new stats from earlier today. Remember, ALL of the stats are courtesy of the national weather service and to this day it still amazes me how much info they have on their website.

On one other note there is a rumor going around about a big storm come the end of next week. After reading around about that it seems that right now it’s WAYYYY to far for the pros to predict but if everything falls in place perfectly it is a possibility that it just may pan out. Chances are they won’t be able to pin it down until some time next week so I wouldn’t worry about it just yet or is that I wouldn’t get excited about the Nor’easter just yet 😉

Have an Awesome Day All 😉

Syracuse takes the lead for the first time this season in the Golden Snowball contest sneaking past Binghamton.  Buffalo gets on the snow board earlier than last season.  I just went back and looked at the snow stats from last season and was pretty surprised at what I saw.

This is the first time that Syracuse had been in the lead in the GSB contest since around February 12th of last season.  Rochester regained the lead the next day and never looked back.  WTG Rochester on shutting down Da’Cuse machine 😉

Looking back at the start of last season we are pretty much following the pattern give or take a little in all of the cities.  Albany is down over 5 inches from this time last year but the rest of us are within a couple of inches.  It’s also hard to believe that this time last season Buffalo was only showing a trace of snowfall.  I’m looking forward to seeing how this season goes and for some reason Buffalo is in the back of my mind.  Could it be their turn?  Only Mother Nature knows 😉

Have an awesome week all….

Buffalo picked up just enough snow to slip past Binghamton and move into the third place slot on the snow hill.  I think the bigger story is that Rochester continues to add to their lead and now are 10 inches + over second place Syracuse.

Rochester is showing 3.8 inches of snow for yesterday while Buffalo is reporting 3.3 inches of the fluffy white stuff.  Still a lot of time to go but with the way this winter has gone so far that 10 inch lead is looking pretty good right now :)  I’m sure Lake Erie is still wide open so Buffalo still has it’s snow machine ready to crank out some lake effect.

I think any of the Golden Snowball cities still have a shot at the trophy this season.  OK, Albany don’t really count :)  Any thoughts on which city you think will win it this season???

Have a Great Day All!

Well, look at that, it’s February! Time to take a look back at January’s snowfall for the GSB cities.

Albany: 7.5
Binghamton: 17.2
Buffalo: 20.8
Rochester: 19.9
Syracuse: 24.6

The big winner was Syracuse with just over 2 feet of snow! Um…what the heck kind of January was that? All of the GSB cities were below their average for the month! Wow. Let’s go a little bit deeper than just snowfall and check the precipitation stats.

Albany: 2.26
Binghamton: 3.04
Buffalo: 4.42
Rochester: 3.32
Syracuse: 3.88

For comparison sake, here is each city’s average precipitation for January:

Albany: 2.59
Binghamton: 2.45
Buffalo: 3.18
Rochester: 2.41
Syracuse: 2.50

Four of the GSB cities had above average precipitation, and Albany was pretty close to average. It just didn’t fall as snow. A bit colder weather (ok, A LOT MORE colder weather), and we may have been talking about some decent snowfall numbers for the month.

Either way, it’s been a very snowless season so far. But I can’t shake the feeling that will change at some point this season. I mean, it can’t be like this the whole season…can it?

Hey, have a great weekend everyone! Enjoy the Super Bowl!