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Rochester is the third city that got to see some snowflakes falling.  So far so good if you’re not a snow lover.  None of the cities have any measurable snow as of this last weekend.  This snow season is starting off pretty much the same as last season did.

Buffalo and Binghamton should have over an inch by now on average.  In the National Snow Contest Anchorage has the top spot on the snow mountain for now but that can and probably will change sometime soon.  As of this weekend there were 9 cities with measurable snowfall in the big city contest.  Remember that contest is for cities that have a population of 100,000 or more.  You can check that out at .

Have an Awesome Week All :)

Rochester is the first city to pick up over an inch of snowfall this season picking up 1.2 inches of snow yesterday.  They have doubled the amount of snowfall over the new 2nd place spot which is held by Buffalo now.  Really, Buffalo is near the top go figure 😉

It seems like forever ago that Buffalo was near the top of our snow contest with the last couple of years being pretty wimpy winters for them.  They had their first snowfall of the 2013 – 2014 snow season yesterday picking up 0.7 of an inch.  Binghamton also had their first snowfall showing 0.2 inches of snow for yesterday which was just enough to put them in a tie with Syracuse, last seasons champ.  Nothing to show for Albany!

This was the first lead change of the new snow season and no doubt it’s game on right now.  I’m thinking there will probably be a lot of lead changes this season and I also have a feeling a few of our cities are going to get hammered this season.  Hammered by snow that is 😉  More updates to come soon.

We also had another lead change in the National snow contest which I believe is the third lead change for the snowiest big city.  You can check out those snow stats at The Golden Snow Globe Site.

Have a Super Awesome Day All and as always, “See Snow, Drive Slow”.

First off Thanks for the donation Cynthia B.  It’s very much appreciated :)

Thanks to Jan also for the info and lnk on Lake Erie :)  Here is how Lake Erie is looking  Jan metioned that Lake Erie is still mostly in the mid 30s, with a few edges frozen over which the map shows:

Some of you may have noticed that the website was down for a day or so.  Sorry about that and hopefully it’s up for awhile now.  It still may not be up in some parts of the state or country but hopefully by the end of the day everyone can get to it again.  Thanks Barry for the heads up on it also.  I’m just able to get on now and update the snow stats.

While we were down here Rochester made their move.  Not enough to catch Syracuse yet but they slid past Binghamton to move into second place on the snow hill.  WTG Rochester.  Most of the cities are just a storm or two away from taken the lead from Syracuse and now it’s just a matter of which city will step up first.

I think we all know that sooner or later Buffalo will make some kind of move to the top 😉  I think they better make it sooner rather than later before their Lake Effect Machine freezes over with this Arctic cold air around.  Does anyone know how much of the lakes have frozen over yet?

Have an awesome weekend Everyone!