In college and majoring in Meteorology then this may be for you this summer. Warning though that the deadline for applications is fast approaching and ends March 15th. More info below and by clicking the NOAA links…

From the US National Weather Service Binghamton, NY

Do you know of a college student who is majoring in meteorology? If so, please SHARE this with them. The deadline is approaching so please read below!

In college and majoring in Meteorology then this may be for you this summer. Warning though that the deadline for applications is fast approaching and ends March 15th. More info below and by clicking the NOAA links…

The Binghamton National Weather Service are seeking applicants for our summer volunteer program. You must be a college student majoring in meteorology to apply. The deadline is March 24th. For complete information go here:

***Note those who are not yet in college but are interested in a career in meteorology, we do offer office tours and/or job shadows. Here is more information on that: -Erik

Looks like a great opportunity for an internship in your field. Spread the word if you know of someone who is majoring in Meteorology 😉

I just received an email from Cynthia from Madison, WI who grew up in Syracuse sending me a link about Scientists and researchers from several Universities and institutions coming to the shores of Ontario Lake to study what’s going on with Thundersnow during Lake Effect Snow events.  SUNY Oswego is also participating in the study and research :)

The project is called OWLeS which stands for Ontario Winter Lake Effect System’s and will be taking place this snow season on the shores of Ontario lake.  What will be cool is some of the high tech equipment they will be bringing with them.  Most likely if you’re in the Oswego and surrounding areas you will be seeing this flatbed truck below which is called Doppler on Wheels or DOW.

Doppler on Wheels research truck

Doppler On Wheels

 Doppler on Wheels Picture From The National Science Foundation

They will also be bringing and aircraft equipped with instruments from the University of Wyoming called the King Air so keep an eye in the sky for the scientists who fly.  Yeah, I’m a poet, not 😉  Anyways this should be pretty cool for the people to watch not to mention the amount of information that will come out of this research to help in the future on narrowing down and predicting more precisely where Lake Effect snow may hit, when and for how long.

The dates for this study according to the article on the NSF, National Science Foundation website that Cynthia sent me will be from Dec. 5-21, 2013, and Jan. 4-29, 2014.  Thanks for the info Cynthia and you can read a lot more about this on the National Science Foundation’s website at .

Have an Awesome Weekend and Hopefully a Snowy One :)


This is a class I took last season when they came around here and it was well worth it and very informative to say the least 😉

If you or somebody that you know would be interested in becoming a volunteer weather spotter for us by reporting snowfall observations, this is your chance. We have upcoming classes, and plenty of free seats still available, November 29th in Wilkes-Barre, PA, December 6th in Oneonta, NY, and December 19th in Cortland, NY. If these are not close to you or if you are busy on the dates listed, consider signing up for our online class December 7th which still has room in it. To find more information on how to register check out the events section on this Facebook page. You can find the same information on their website below: CHEERS!

Free NOAA Snow Spotter Classes

Just a heads up that the National Weather Service in Binghamton and CNY Central TV Stations (TV 3 Syracuse) are having a Skywarn weather spotters training class tonight, Tuesday 5/8 at the East Syracuse Minoa high school on Fremont road.

I caught the first one which was based on winter weather, measuring snow, reporting it and a lot of great information. This one will cover the basics of thunderstorms, tornadoes, and flooding while training you on how to report severe weather to the National Weather Service. Very informative to say the least. The best part is it’s free to the public so check it out if you’re not doing anything tonight. More info at: and at

Don’t even think about it. It’s 57 degrees in Syracuse right now and it looks like record highs for the today and maybe tomorrow for some of the Golden Snowball cities. Enjoy it while you can because it won’t last and anyone who lives in New york pretty much knows that. I was just looking at some stats from last year and they’re pretty interesting.

Last year about the same time we had record warmth. Last year on January 6Th Syracuse broke a record with a temperature of 62 degrees. Binghamton set the high temp record on the 6Th with 6o degrees and Albany broke their record with an amazing 71 degrees. Have we fallen into a pattern like last season for this time of the year. If you own a snowmobile or you’re a skier you might want to hope so.

If you look at the snow stats above for last season at this time of the year they are pitiful. By this time last year the sledders, skiers and ski resorts were having a terrible season. That all changed within a few days from this date last year. Right around January 9Th and 10Th is when things really got rolling and winter finally showed up so if we have fallen into last years pattern things could get pretty interesting and the sledders and skiers are going to love it. Right now it doesn’t look like the 9Th or 10Th has much to offer in the way of snowfall but right around the corner is some cold air knocking at the door.

That said I’d like to wish my son Christopher a Happy 19Th birthday :) Why do I feel the age with each birthday one of my kids have :(

Enjoy the next couple of warm days and have a great week all.